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christian schwaller - visual artist


Born 1979 in Bern. After my studies at the art school in Basel and Luzern I began working as a 3d-CGI and storyboard artist. During this time I was refining a visual style influenced from various interests in natural science, design and architecture.
 Now besides developing my own projects I work as freelance-artist in the field of 3d-animation and film and I am lecturing at the Hochschule Luzern Design+Kunst.

method & inspiration

My work is an interaction between drawing, sculpting and 3d computer-generated images and forms. Working in the virtual 3d space reflects back into the drawings which are then again the base for further compositions. The observation of natural phenomena are a vast resource for my work. While drawing or reproducing in the virtual space, images are refined and abstracted. I am researching forms based on mathematical principles which then go through a visual selection process based on personal bias.

portrait of Christian Schwaller



phone: +41 (0)76 579 82 58